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JPB Management and Consultancy Services Limited (JPB) has continued to support UK SMEs during the Covid 19 pandemic. It has not always been easy but it is generally rewarding. One of our most recent pieces of work is supporting CloudNC to develop the manufacturing arm of its business. CloudNC has two sites in and around the London area. The business has excellent software development capabilities and is determined to use this to revolutionise manufacturing and has the following Mission:E



We’re on a mission to automate manufacturing and create a clean and sustainable industrial revolution that accelerates humanity.

We believe in a future where production is not only on demand – a mere few clicks away – but also super-efficient, where costs are low and the impact on the environment is minimal, and even regenerative.

We are here to move humanity forwards, faster – with the right skills and technologies we can create a revolution that benefits every person on the planet.

The autonomous future is within our reach.

CloudNC | Episode 1

More can be seen at the source of this statement on the CloudNC website by following this link:

JPB has been actively involved with all the team at the modern manufacturing facility in Chelmsford, Essex. The scope of the work has been to advise on the best way to scale up the business to meet the stringent demands of customers from the aerospace, automotive and capital equipment sectors to name but a few. 

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