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We have worked across a range of sectors and achieved outstanding results for our clients. If you would like to find out more take a look at our case studies or contact us for more details.

Case Study 1: High Technology Electronics Manufacturer

One of the most successful assignments that JPB Management and Consultancy Services Ltd (JPB) and its associates has undertaken is in a $25m/year turnover company that had five separate sites based in four different countries on three continents. The product was complicated electronic assemblies used in the analysis of gases in various industrial, research and development and academic establishments.

Since the parent company acquired the group there had been a plan to move production of the basic chassis from third party suppliers in the Far East into a group facility in Shanghai. Two years after the acquisition the supply chain and operational capabilities of the new supply chain were still below expectations and requirements.

The stock that had been purchased during the acquisition had been depleted and cannibalised to meet customer requirements. Product was being airfreighted from China to the Netherlands where final customisation to client requirements was performed before again being airfreighted to their final destination. Raw material stocks were valued at $3.6m, on-time delivery performance was around 20% and customer satisfaction had hit an all-time low.

Against this background Jon was asked to perform a feasibility study on the Shanghai operations. He spent two weeks working with the local team and two group specialists investigating the problems. He concluded that the business could be turned around and accepted a six month contract to bring about the transformation. Jon spent a lot of time with the local team putting together an action plan to address the main shortcomings and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress, which was done locally or via weekly video conferences.

Within four months the monthly value of output from the Shanghai plant had increased from $100k to $500k, the pipeline between Shanghai and the Netherlands began to fill up thus enabling the use of sea-freight which was 10% the cost of airfreight, raw material valuation was reduced by over $1m and customer on-time delivery performance increased to over 80%.

Customer satisfaction improved drastically.

Following this initial huge success JPB was asked to extend its involvement with the business and advise and manage the restructuring of a research and development facility in the USA. Again working with the local team, the majority of whom were going to be made redundant, JPB completed the closure and reallocation of roles to other parts of the group within a three month period. This work generated annualised cost savings of $1.25m.

JPB also led and managed the supply chain improvement project. This was designed to move the supply chain for components from Western Europe and the USA to the People’s Republic of China thus generating cost savings through the lower cost base, the elimination of import duties and the shortening of supply lines.

This work demonstrates the variety of specialist skills that JPB can use to add sustainable value to a client by working with and developing its employees and other stakeholders.

Case Study 2: High Technology Capital Equipment Manufacturing

Jon is a specialist in the field of interim management and has been involved in this type of activity for most of his career even during his employment with large multi-national companies. He is adept at operating in different industrial sectors and across international boundaries. He has operated all over the world with particular emphasis on the UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East, North America, the Far East and China.

One assignment involved running a joint venture business between local partners and a large American Corporate entity in the Middle East. The company made high technology capital equipment for manufacturing companies and had struggled to develop since incorporation. JPB was contacted and appointed with a view to reviewing the business and setting out a strategy for development.

The review was undertaken and the following actions were identified as being critical to the successful progression of the organisation:

  1. A review and revision of the strategic direction of the company.
  2. Broadening the access to market by targeting and attacking two new routes to market rather than the one that the business and its predecessors had always relied on.
  3. Concentrating on the more developed economies with the largest gross domestic products so that customers could leverage the greatest benefits from the revolutionary product. The regions of Europe and North America were considered to be the highest priorities.
  4. The recruitment of a range of employees from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to provide a high level service to a demanding blue chip customer base.
  5. Relocating the business to a new state of the art facility to serve a global blue chip customer base.
  6. Completing the design for manufacture aspect of the machine to ensure product reliability.
  7. The introduction of an ISO 9001 accredited and a TS 16949 compliant Quality Management System.

The strategy and supporting actions were implemented by the team in line with schedules and budgets over the period of time that JPB had been associated with the business.

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