I worked with Jon on a project to resource our Supply Chain to the Far East and found his knowledge, commitment, and dedication second to none. I would thoroughly recommend Jon for any Management and Consultancy Projects you might have.

John MacDougall - Procurement Manager Oxford Instruments Plasma Techology

Jon reported directly to me at Scion instruments for about 18months when I was CEO of the business until I retired in 2017. I brought Jon into the company to head up global operations at a very challenging time. We had manufacturing and support facilities in UK, Shanghai, Goes (Netherlands) and R&D engineering support in Fremont, California. Because of the way that Scion had been acquired, the processes, management and relationships between the sites were very immature and in some cases non-existent. Jon was central to putting the operations side of the business into good shape and beginning to achieve the needed output, quality and lead-time targets. In particular I would highlight the work Jon did with the Shanghai site during the start up of their manufacturing efforts. This was challenging in terms of remoteness and cultural differences as well as the usual teething troubles getting manufacturing started. Jon coped with this very well, made several visits to Shanghai, built good relationships with the team and leadership there and overcame the inevitable challenges to get manufacturing of a technically complex, configurable product up and running. Secondly I will highlight the work Jon did with our engineering team in Fremont, California. In this case we need to downsize in CA to reduce costs and build up capabilities in the UK and Netherlands. Jon accomplished this in a timescale of around 6 months with minimal disruption to the engineering support needed for manufacturing and with a projected annualised saving of $2M+ to the business. I would happily work with Jon again and certainly recommend his leadership and operations capabilities.

Paul Gillyon - CEO Level Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Jon in a common initiative at pan-European level and I was really impressed by his professionalism and focus. I rarely come across real knowledgeable professionals who stand out like Jon.

We collaborated in a number of ways and he has been assertive and showcased a complete business knowledge. Jon is an expert in general management, international business, manufacturing and engineering. He is a strategic thinker with strong problem solving and decision making skills and highly experienced in operational and commercial management.

Jon is capable of performing a great deal for the companies he works with and you can trust that he will focus on the business areas that need attention.

Able to drive down costs, generate profitable business growth, improve operational efficiency and increase profitability, Jon is a perfect fit for any business and he earns my highest recommendation.

Dionysia Leolei, Founder and Owner - Premium Concept (Brussels, Belgium)

Jon is a thoughtful and effective leader with an excellent breadth and depth of experience. He demonstrated an innate ability to organize and bring discipline to what was a chaotic situation and bring a startup venture to a point of stability and put it in track to profitability in a relatively short time. He accomplished this in a manner that respected differences of opinion among the board and employees of the venture while providing the necessary guidance to make the difficult decisions needed to move the organization in the right direction.

Stan Ramirez, Lockheed Martin - Retired Industrial Development Executive (Middle East)

Dear Jon,

On behalf of all your colleagues and the management of the business I would like to thank you for the professionalism and dedication that you have shown during your tenure of office. Your skills and problem solving abilities have been invaluable in moving the business out of a very poor situation to one where we are now on a stable path of progression and growth. This could not have been achieved without your input, support and vision. Good luck and best wishes for the future.

CEO – Global Electronics Business


Dear Jon,

I wish to express our thanks from the shareholders for the excellent leadership and guidance that you provided the JV in the past year. It was unfortunate that the JV was not able to support continuation of those services as you put the JV back on its feet and on a more sure footed path. We wish you all the best and success in your next undertaking and perhaps our paths may cross in this ever shrinking world.

Regional Director, Industrial Development – Capital Equipment