CloudNC-Automating Manufacturing

JPB Management and Consultancy Services Limited (JPB) has continued to support UK SMEs during the Covid 19 pandemic. It has not always been easy but it is generally rewarding. One of our most recent pieces of work is supporting CloudNC to develop the manufacturing arm of its business. CloudNC has two sites in and around the London area.

Covid 19-Necessity Breeds Innovation at JPB MCS

We are now several weeks into the “lockdown” to combat the spread of Covid 19 and life looks a lot different than it did only just a few weeks ago. JPB Management and Consultancy Services Limited (JPB) along with every other business in the world is adapting. We are making the best use possible of internet based communication systems and finding innovative new ways of doing business.

Business Consultancy, Interim Management and Advisory Work

Interim management and advisory work, business consultancy

It is an inescapable fact of life that at some point in time we all need advice and assistance with a whole range of things that are beyond our experience, knowledge or understanding. Business life is no different. For the majority of time we are highly competent experts in the aspects of our work with which we are familiar. However, we as managers, owners, employees or any other group of stakeholders will encounter times where we are unsure and need help.

Strategic Planning Helps Drive Business Growth

Strategic planning helps drive business growth

It sounds obvious but planning is important in not just business life but also personal, community, national and international life and interactions. Nearly every aspect of our day to day lives and the state of our society is a result of the plans and activities that our predecessors adopted to improve their futures and our present. Businesses are a small part of the larger picture but an important one never the less.

Jon Badrock Appointed as Interim CEO for Exechon Enterprises LLC, Abu Dhabi

JPB Management and Consultancy Services Ltd is pleased to announce that its Founder, Jon Badrock will join Exechon Enterprises L.L.C, Abu Dhabi as Interim CEO. Exechon Enterprises L.L.C. is a Joint Venture between Lockheed Martin, Tecgrant AB (formerly Exechon AB), a Sweden based technology company and Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National. The company manufactures and supplies high quality Parallel Kinematic Machine tools to the engineering and manufacturing sectors.