Jon Badrock Appointed as Interim CEO for Exechon Enterprises LLC, Abu Dhabi

JPB Management and Consultancy Services Ltd is pleased to announce that its Founder, Jon Badrock will join Exechon Enterprises L.L.C, Abu Dhabi as Interim CEO. Exechon Enterprises L.L.C. is a Joint Venture between Lockheed Martin, Tecgrant AB (formerly Exechon AB), a Sweden based technology company and Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National. The company manufactures and supplies high quality Parallel Kinematic Machine tools to the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Jon said
The businesses faces some big challenges but has a high quality, technologically advanced and exciting product that is capable of adding value to the operations of a variety of manufacturing organisations. I look forward to working with the team at Exechon in Abu Dhabi and contributing as much as I can to the future of the business.

Further information on this assignment is available directly from JPB Management and Consultancy Services Ltd.